GARRETT MOORE COMPANY       a   c o l l a b o r a t i o n   o f   r e a l   e s t a t e   s e r v i c e s

the following list of "past projects" represents a few randomly selected
from 40 years of developments.

The Exchange - Austin, Texas
a 212,000 square foot mixed-use facility
with retail on the first floor and stacked office   SOLD
exchange click here

Riverwalk Plaza - Moore, Oklahoma
a 130,000 square foot retail center with 4 (four) pad sites along the
Riverwalk click here

The SHOPS at APPLE VALLEY - Moore, Oklahoma
two 18,000 sf (+/-) neighborhood retail centers
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NorthStar Marketplace - Garland, Texas
a 92,000 square foot retail center featuring
Piggly Wiggly, Chili's, Church's Chicken and others  SOLD
northstar click here

The Living and Retail Community of CASCADA
Dallas, Texas cascada click here
16 stories of mixed use retail and 312 units of condominiums   CANCELED

Audubon Village - Garland, Texas
a 38,000 square foot retail center   SOLD audubon click here

The Landmark Shopping Center - Grand Prairie, Texas
a 230,000 square foot retail center featuring
Krogers, Hallmark and other majors  SOLD  
landmark click here

Republic Square - Deer Park, Texas click here
a 120,000 square foot retail center with 4 (four) pad sites along
Pasadena Blvd.

The Valley Shopping Center - Tulsa, Oklahoma
a 210,000 square foot retail center   SOLD

Rockwall Centre - Rockwall, Texas
office and retail mixed use, 8 floors   SOLD rockwall click here

Duncanville-20 Shopping Center - Duncanville, Texas
an 86,000 square foot retail center   SOLD duncanville click here

Glenway Plaza - Mesquite, Texas
a 20,000 square foot retail center   SOLD

The Market - Santa Fe, New Mexico
a 108,000 square foot retail center with 4 pads   SOLD

Riverside Apartments - Silver City, Colorado
244 units of apartments   SOLD

BUSH CENTER - Dallas, Texas bush click here
Two twin 20 story buildings, hotel and office with 670,800 square feet   SOLD

Bethany Corners - Allen, Texas
an 88,000 square foot retail center   SOLD bethany click here

The Jammer at the Bay - Corpus Christi, Texas
289 units of timeshares  SOLD

Iron Horse Station - North Richland Hills, Texas
a 20,000 sf retail center iron horse brochure click here

Reflection Park - Rockwall, Texas
an 80 acre master planned business community on I-30   SOLD

White Rock Marketplace - Dallas, Texas
a 134,000 square foot mixed-use retail and office center SOLD wr click here

Arapaho Crossing - Richardson, Texas
a 145,000 square foot retail center   SOLD

Shoreview Plaza - Rowlett, Texas
a 34,000 square foot retail center   SOLD

Regency Square - Watauga, Texas regency click here   SOLD
a 187,000 square foot retail center featuring Oshman's Sporting Goods  

Peachtree Park - Balch Springs
a 23,000 square foot retail center   SOLD

The Colonial Office Park - Plano, Texas
a 289,000 square foot office park   SOLD

High Point Village - Dallas, Texas
a 68,000 square foot retail center   SOLD high point click here

Red Bird Lane Apartments - Dallas, Texas
247 units of apartments   SOLD

Lancaster Office Park - Lancaster, Texas
126,000 square feet of garden offices   SOLD

Brentwood Stair Plaza - Fort Worth, Texas
a 46,000 square foot retail center   SOLD

Shadow Lake Townhomes - Cedar Creek Lake, Texas
279 units of townhomes overlooking the lake   SOLD

The Plains Shopping Mall - Santa Fe, New Mexico
575,000 square feet of mall renovation  SOLD

Shiloh Village - Dallas, Texas
a 24,000 square foot retail center   SOLD

Madison Square - Madisonville, Texas
a 139,000 square foot retail center featuring WalMart and Carter's Food
Store   SOLD
madisonville click here

Belize Village - Belize City, Belize
a resort on the Carribean with 1 mile of beach   SOLD

Scenic Square - Rowlett, Texas
a 41,000 square foot retail center   SOLD

Aspen (TGMA) Professional Center - Dallas, Texas  
a 140,000 square foot office complex   SOLD
aspen click here

Trinity Village - Carrolton, Texas
a 67,00 square foot retail center   SOLD trinity click here

Red Stone Inn Resort - Redstone (Aspen), Colorado
a luxury resort   SOLD  red stone click here

DFW East and West - Irving & Bedford, Texas click here
a 5 story 225,000 square foot office Building   SOLD
 dfw click here
this site is still currently "under construction"

Abrams Plaza - Richardson, Texas click here
a 28,000 square foot retail center with 1 (one) pad site

Schultz Point - Plano, Texas click here
a 28,000 square foot retail center