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14860 Montfort, Suite 104, LB 27         Dallas, Texas 75254   
t 972.968.0000        f 972.968.0610
nationwide at 1.800.968.9623

member ICSC.......International Council of Shopping Centers

                                     a   c o l l a b o r a t i o n   o f   r e a l   e s t a t e   s e r v i c e s
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      GARRETT MOORE COMPANY is a full service
development company that was established in 1977 and  has
been staffed throughout the years by a variety of experienced
professionals who direct a unified approach to the orchestration
of the various industry components of development,
construction, investments, finance, design, leasing, and the
management of real estate. With offices in Dallas and Oklahoma
City, we are able to maintain a guided approach for each of our
development's needs through the strength in the continuity of
our services. The wide spectrum of services allows us to fully
concentrate on    each development phase as a  whole and not
in part,    therefore, giving us the ample opportunity to control
each phase of the development.     At each milestone we monitor
the construction budget for confirmation that adjustments are
not required and for verifications that the investor/lender
relationships are constantly satisfied.
     Our developments are primarily cast across the southwest region of the  United
States. The various projects that are in our portfolio include, but certainly are not
limited to, retail
(life-style, big-box freeway and neighborhood centers), mixed-use
urban renewal facilities, offices
(low to high rise and garden), and multi-family (high
rise condominiums and senior living communities)

     In today's world Garrett Moore Company is unique.   Our continuous search for
perfection enables us to provide our clients, investors, and tenant base with
developments that will not become obsolete before they have fulfilled the purpose for
which they were created.......
.they will continue to withstand the test of time.